Module 2
Interior Computer 2D
(Auto CAD)

Computer Aids design has becoming more affordable than ever. With the aid of computer, an interior designer can expand his or her capabilities beyond manual drafting. Especially when many reputation task in a design.

Course Outcome: You can produce an interior design of a room with skill in computer aid design 2D, in space, layout planning.

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Session 1 : Introduction

  • Introduction to the software program.
  • Basic knowledge of commands and hotkeys.
  • Learn how to draw basic shapes and lines.

Session 2 : Drawing
Symbols & Blocks

  • Learn how to create objects symbols and blocks.
  • Basic knowledge of commands and hotkeys
  • Learn how to draw basic shapes and lines

Session 3 : Organize Objects & Layers

  • Create layers and different line thickness.
  • Common colors associated with layers,
  • Leran how to organize objects with layers and group.

Session 4 : Create Layout Plans

  • Drafting basic floor plan with furniture.
  • Drafting electrical plan and lighting plan.
  • Familiarise with copy, array and other useful commands.

Session 5 : Create Elevation Drawing

  • Understanding how to draw elevation drawing from plan view.
  • Create elevation drawing of a room and furniture.

Session 6 : Text & Details

  • Learn how to setup and apply dimension.
  • Configure text and using leader for details.
  • Input text details to drawing.

Session 7 : Plotting Options & Publishing

  • Identify paper size & configure page setup for publishing.
  • Configure plot style.
  • Understand how to plot and publish drawing.

Session 8: Design & Presentation

  • Create professional title block.
  • Plot and print drawings in professional manner
  • Check and revise drawings.
  • Duration : Class are conducted in a duration of (2hours) per session
  • 2 days per week
  • Requirement: Basic understanding of, Malay, English, or Chinese
  • Lecturer: Professional teacher who has more than 10 years in training and many years of commercial experience.
  • HRDF certified trainer
  • Graduation: Student who successfully completed the course & assessment will receive a certificate from the school.
Interior Computer 2D
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