Module 3
Auto CAD 3D

It mainly introduces the basic knowledge of AutoCAD, the creation of mechanical drawing templates, the 3D drawing function, and the drawing and dimensioning of 3D contour drawings of parts.

Session 1: Introduction

  • Modelling the 3d object, introduce all the command and tools. And creating basic 3d drawing.

Session 2:
Common Tools

  • Subtraction of Objects in AutoCAD
  • Use the most common tools, union, subtract and interact.

Session 3:

  • The SHELL sub-command converts a 3D solid into a hollow shell with a wall of wanted thickness.
  • Select the shell to remove and Specify shell offset distance.

Session 4: Sweep in AutoCAD

  • Here we will be using the SWEEP command, just as the EXTRUDE command
  • we have made use of when we built out first figure in AutoCAD, it helps obtain cylinders from circles and can do more.

Session 5:
Draw a stool (Basic Project)

  • In this session, we will use 123D Design to model the stool you can see on the exercise.
  • Step by step guide.

Session 6:
Draw a kitchen cabinet (interior design project)

  • Design presentation on confirm design. Using selected material to create 3d drawing for a complete design for kitchen.
  • Duration : Class are conducted in a duration of (2hours) per session
  • 2 days per week
  • Requirement: Basic understanding of, Malay, English, or Chinese
  • Lecturer: Professional teacher who has more than 10 years in training and many years of commercial experience.
  • HRDF certified trainer
  • Graduation: Student who successfully completed the course & assessment will receive a certificate from the school.
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