Module 4
Interior Design in Residential

Learn the way professional designer execute their work. Course Outcome: How to get inspire and get your organized & focus on design which you are working on.

Session 1 : Introduction

  • Overview of kitchen, bedroom & living room Design.

Session 2 : Principle of Kitchen Design

  • Layout of appliances, where to place the sink, cooking hob, hood and refrigerator.
  • How to develop a good working triangle and calculate the working distance among the appliances.
  • Detail calculation of storage and selection of material for kitchen use.

Session 3 : Presentation of Kitchen Design

  • Understanding for elevation drawing in a room. Configure text to differentiate dining, living, bedroom and toilet.

Session 4 : Bedroom Design and Decoration

  • Know all the basic symbol of electrical layout. Plan all the lighting, power point, fan point, air - con point and more in M&E drawing.

Session 5 : Living Room Design and Decoration

  • Using completed layout plan before to finish the hotel room, include all the elevation layout.

Session 6 : Presentation Techniques

  • Layout of completed drawing for printing. Revision of drawing after checking hard copies.
  • Duration : Class are conducted in a duration of (2hours) per session
  • 2 days per week
  • Requirement: Basic understanding of, Malay, English, or Chinese
  • Lecturer: Professional teacher who has more than 10 years in training and many years of commercial experience.
  • HRDF certified trainer
  • Graduation: Student who successfully completed the course & assessment will receive a certificate from the school.
Interior Design in Residential

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